Trevinano - Landscape
Trevinano, a small hamlet of Acquapendente is a charming village that throughout the Middle Ages suffered the fate of several gentlemen who became the owners.
First, the rule of the Visconti di Campiglia up to 1327 and the branch of Monaldeschi Cervara from 1327 to 1592.
Finally it was divided by the Apostolic Camera Simoncelli between the family and the heirs of Monaldeschi.
In 1687, the Apostolic Camera came into possession of all the territory ceded, and reunified the village as a feud to Bourbon del Monte.
From now on, the story of Trevinano will become increasingly intertwined with that of Acquapendente and in general with that of the Papal States.

From a height of 619 m. s.l.m. Trevinano offers spectacular views where nature is untouched.
The eye is ravished by the beauty of Mount Amiata offering his profile more majestic, the Paglia valley that stretches below and then from the Monte Cetona and again by thick forests of the Natural Reserve of Monte Rufeno. The castle, which overlooks the town, still only partly the color of the local stone and austere elements of medieval and Renaissance architecture. Remarkable is the portal entrance to the old ashlar Farm, surmounted by the crest of Monaldeschi.
After the end of Second World War the country has gone a bit 'developing out of the old boundary with the construction of new farm and other new and more comfortable homes.